Bill Pay

When you have Bill Pay from Telco Credit Union, you’ll have more freedom to enjoy life. Here’s how Bill Pay gives you convenience, savings, and security. You can:

  • Pay your bills electronically, all in one place
  • Make payments anywhere, anytime, even when you’re traveling
  • Schedule payments in advance and never worry about missing a bill or paying late fees
  • Save money on stamps and envelopes and save time with no trips to the post office
  • Guard against identity theft from lost or stolen checkbooks and bills by receiving and paying bills online instead of by unsecured mail

You MUST have a Checking Account with Telco before using Bill Pay.

To learn more about how to simplify life with Bill Pay, view the demo at Bill Pay Demo.

To get started, simply Login to your online banking account and select the “Bill Pay” tab to access the enrollment form.

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