ATM & Debit Cards

Key Features

  • Telco ITMS are also ATMS – we have 4 ITM\ATMs at our Greenville Branch and 2 outside at our Tarboro Branch Drive Thru
  • Debit Cards can be used at Cash Points without being charged a fee.  SECU only accepts chip-enabled cards.
  • Other ATM Machine access if they honor STAR & PLUS NETWORK
  • All other ATM machines may have a charge
  • Withdraw up to $600 per day (if available in your account)

Key Benefits

  • Make transfers and/or purchases online without leaving home
  • Save time with quick and easy check out
  • When processed as a credit, check out is even quicker

Debit Cards

  • Make payments by phone
  • Transaction can be processed as a Debit or Credit. (Encourage members to process as a credit – this allows Telco to earn more money. The member enjoys the benefits of the coverage of a credit purchase, even though the transaction will process out of their checking account)
  • Make purchases anywhere the Mastercard logo is displayed
  • Lost/Stolen Cards: Call 800-682-8688;  1-866-842-5208  after hours

ATM & Debit Card Policies and Procedures

  • Telco allows 2 free ATM withdrawals per month. An ATM usage fee of $1.00 will be applied after 2 withdrawals
  • Telco charges a $10.00 fee when opening a savings account for an ATM card
  • Telco will block the member’s card if the account balance is in the negative
  • If funds are not received within the stated time period, their ATM/Debit card will be captured
  • The captured card will not be reissued until the member has maintained a positive balance in all accounts for a three month period
  • Telco will charge members a $10.00 fee for replacement cards that were lost or damaged starting with the 3rd card replacements
  • Six Electronic Transfers allowed each month
  • After trying six times funds won’t transfer and won’t allow Overdraft Protection
  • Keep your ATM and Debit Cards in a safe place
  • Don’t keep near cell phones or other cards because they can become demagnetized
  • Also keep your pin number in your cell phone so you won’t forget

Demagnetized Cards

Did you know that there are several things you can do to prevent credit cards or ATM/Debit cards from being demagnetized?

Do not keep your cards near your cell phone, other credit cards or near anything magnetic. Magnetic closures on pocketbooks or wallets will also cause problems. Keeping them in separate slots in your wallet will help prevent demagnetization.

Telco will charge members $10.00 for replacement ATM/Debit cards that were lost, damaged, etc beginning with their third card.
The first two cards and ALL automatically reissued cards will be provided to the member at no charge.

Download the Card Valet App today to control your card your way.

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